The fourth studio album of the Swabian threshing squad TRAITOR is probably the most versatile of her career so far. From the Teutonic old-school sound of “Total Thrash”, the title song of the documentary that will be released in cinemas this summer, to German thrash metal, guest vocals by Tom Angelripper (SODOM) and Holger Ziegler (ABANDONED), to the cover of the WHAM classic “Careless Whisper”, everything is represented that makes the hearts of friends beat faster in hyperspeed metal. 

Cruel Bomb (USA) - PORTADA

Cruel Bomb

Cruel Bomb is a three-piece thrash metal band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Since forming Cruel Bomb in 2018, members Kennie Barto (bass/vocals), Brandon Gilvary (guitar/vocals) and Kyle McKeown (drums) have fed that machine with a consistent live show schedule and a trio of EPs.

A Different Sky - PORTADA

A Different Sky

A Different Sky is an alternative metal one man band created by Matteo Taiocchi, a computer engineer based in Italy with a passion for music, cinema and science fiction.

Indus Valley Kings (USA) - PORTADA

Indus Valley Kings

Indus Valley Kings is a heavy stoner-metal trio borne from the earliest days of the planet’s existence to bring forth their down-tuned music to a yearning, modern civilization.

Lunarcode - PORTADA


Upbeat, eclectic rock band, Lunarcode has hit the scene with their dynamic, evolved sounds. Their message to the world is simple, it’s one of personal empowerment and authenticity. With 7 tracks already recorded from chart topping producers, and a collection of cinematic music videos, Lunarcode is sure to claim their space in the industry.

Syteria - PORTADA


Are a band formed by Jackie ‘Jax’ Chambers Lead Guitarist of the Legendary Girlschool and are based in Yorkshire, England.
They first came on to the scene with an introductory video for Christmas late in 2015 called Santa’s Harley.

BLACK OXYGEN - portada


Their BBQ sauce was featured in Rolling Stone and New York Magazine. In 2021 their sauce was Awarded 4th place in the country by the National Barbecue & Grilling Association and 2nd place at ZestFest – Fiery Food Challenge.

ICK CENTURY - portada


The two toyed around with a few demos that would later turn into early singles but the line-up would not be complete until January of 2020 when Nick Black and Brady Hearn joined the band. Black and Kahn had been friends for a few years while Hearn started off the year touring with All That Remains and Lacuna Coil in band Eximious (with ex-members From Ashes To New).

KEN VALDEZ - portada


While Saints And Sinners covers new territory across an already broad but expanding musical landscape, the sound is unmistakably, undeniably Ken Valdez.

NOVA REX - Portada


Bassist, Kenny Wilkerson, released Volume 1 of his new cookbook,“Rockin’ Recipes for Autism”, which has 57 world-famous rockers contributing recipes to raise awareness for autism.