Releases new stripped down music video!

After resuming live shows, Sao Paulo-based Heavy/Thrash Metal band TRENDKILL INC. has released its new music video for the track «Shattered Life». Produced by the band and edited by new member Diego Veras (guitar), it shows footage taken from the first shows, as well as pre-show, in a fun and stripped-down way. «Since I joined the band the idea of making a music video for «Shattered Life» was, with some insistence of our advisors, always on the agenda, but we bumped into the issue of budget and ideas» said Diego, who, according to the rest of the band, fits perfectly in the group. «Shattered Life», track that closes the debut self-titled EP released by the band in December 2021, in the vision of the musicians, is one of the best of the work for having a fulminating tempo that remains throughout the melody falling into a more melodic cadence in its chorus. «It is typically music to close shows with blood in our eyes», added Alexandre Fontana (drummer).

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The initial idea for «Shattered Life» was going to be a music video that connected with the lyrics, but with this return of shows the band preferred something more ‘Rock N’ Roll’ with both feet on the chest. «Unfortunately, every band starts with two feet in the underground, without funding or any external incentive, so at this moment we wanted to do something simpler, more objective and that clearly shows how we are enjoying this new phase, more mature, focused and in tune that we are living», enthuses Sandro «Murdok» (guitar) and Sandro Cezzar (bass).

This return to the routine of the shows and the synergy between everyone in the band shows that TRENDKILL INC. is on the right track and ready to reach even higher flights, write new songs and finally release their long-awaited full-length album. «I really feel that this is the best phase of the band so far, we are doing very cool gigs and mainly having more fun than ever. This for sure is a great step for us to go back to work on the new compositions that clearly will be even better than the ones we released in our first EP because of all our maturation», said Kelvin Wallace (vocal).

The eponymous debut EP, released on December 12th on all traditional digital platforms and also on physical CD, has five powerful tracks with a lot of punch and riffs that are a hybrid mix of influences from traditional Heavy Metal and more modern Thrash Metal, exploring everyday themes, social and even philosophical issues with a lot of identity.

After four shows, so far the band’s schedule is: 

05/07 – Blackburst Studio Bar, Sao Paulo/SP, Brazil
05/28 – Gazometer Rock Bar, Sorocaba/SP, Brazil
03/07 – Caveira Velha Rock Bar, Jandira/SP, Brazil

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Trendkill Inc. is for fans of: Metallica, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Anthrax, Slayer, Judas Priest, Godsmack, Disturbed, Meshuggah e Black Label Society.Line-Up:

Kelvin Wallace – Vocals
Sandro «Murdok» Fernandes – Guitars
Diego Veras – Guitars
Sandro Cezzar – Bass
Alexandre Fontana – Drums

Remembering, also, TRENDKILL INC. will participate with another unreleased video of Metal No Vale Festival Online 5th Edition, on May 22nd, along with other great bands like Faces Of Death, Nuclear Overdose, Perpetual Sign, among others, with exclusive broadcasting on YouTube channel (@metalnovale).

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