Finnish progressive metal band Joviac r

Progressive Metal Band Joviac

Finnish progressive metal band Joviac released a new single and music video ‘Dissemination’. Since their latest single ‘The Fine Line’ the band has now expanded from trio to quintet when Johannes Leipälä (Guitar) & Tuomas Honkkila (Keyboards) were added to the line-up earlier this summer.

Crest - Promo


Finnish Hawaiicore band Crest is set to release a new EP Riptide on November 18th 2022 via Inverse Records. The first and only single ‘Aloha’ from the upcoming EP is released today. 



Finnish thrash metal band MY FUNERAL releases their fourth and darkest album today

Helsinki based thrash metal act My Funeral release their long awaited fourth full length album on friday October 7th 2022. Titled ”Funeral Manifesto”, the album delves thematically deep into the mind – mental disorders, setbacks, but also victories in life. The album will be released through Finnish record label Inverse Records.

Funeral Manifesto is a conceptual album, in which can be heard a darker, more mature band than ever before. The included tracks are the most ambitious and heavy to date, and work has been done to deliver an ultimate creation. Recording of the album took place at Electric Fox Studios in Vaajakoski, Finland, with producer Tuomas Kokko during the fall of 2021.

Funeral Manifesto is a declaration from the dark side of man. Of how darkness takes over the very mind, and how self-destruction and addictions feed it. Other topics include hedonism, failure and one’s mortality. The album as a whole can be seen as a philosophy of darkness and acceptance of death.”, the band sums up.

1. Primitive Evil
2. Suicidal Thrash
3. Darkness Walks Beside Me
4. When Darkness Eats
5. Nirvana of Negative
6. Confession
7. The Night Will Come
8. Twice Fallen Angel
9. No Regrets
10. The Uprise



NEW Single from _Echoseven


Hard-Active Rock/Alt Metal band _ECHOSEVEN release their 3rd single of 2022; their 6th on Curtain Call Records/Sony

New Brunswick, Canada – 2022 saw _ECHOSEVEN release 3 singles in “year one” of their deal with Curtain Call Records/Sony.

_ECHOSEVEN has no plans of slowing down the pace and is set to release their first single off of their EP “X-Ray In Use”entitled “Blame”.

“This song is a response to people who chose to blame others for their failures. If you have ever experienced a situation where there was a person or people that chose to hate you or defame you or go out of their way to bother or harass you – then this song is the response to those actions and people. It’s a song of courage- of standing up for yourself and not feeling guilty for going after your dreams and goals.” -Allon McCall ( Drummer/Songwriter _ECHOSEVEN)

The single will be serviced to US, Canadian and UK Radio outlets. “Blame” continues the band’s combination of haunting melodies, meaningful lyrics, crunchy guitars and punchy drums A combination that will appeal to current fans and gain the attention of new ones.

_ECHOSEVEN is a Female Fronted Hard Rock, Alt Metal group based in New Brunswick,
Canada. _ECHOSEVEN’s sound is a blend of Rock, Metal, Folk, Grunge, Classical, K-Pop making their music riff driven and loud, with punchy drums, pop/grunge lyrics and melodic catchy hooks.
After releasing 3 singles independently, _ECHOSEVEN signed to Curtain Call Records in 2021 and have released 5 singles to date.

You can find _ECHOSEVEN on all digital platforms / socials and online at

  • _ECHOSEVEN is:
  • Stefanie Roy- Lead Vocals
  • Marcus LeBlanc-Guitar
  • Justin Larracey-Guitar
  • Bobby Hope-Bass
  • Allon McCall-Drums


The Brazilian Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band SOPHIE’S THREAT was formed in 2021 in Sao Paulo by musicians Tiago Carteano (drums) and Ricardo Oliveira (guitar).



Deocculted was born on the 4th of July 2018 when Xavier and Edgar reunited to write and perform music again. Rising from the ashes of life’s brutal realities, transforming dark experiences into allegorical compositions.

The Band Repent

The Band Repent

The Band Repent is an in-your-face, high energy metal band from Casper, Wyoming. The band blends classic thrash with a modern metal sound that is really bringing something different, yet familiar to the table.



“Rooted from Easthampton, Massachusetts in 2007, Problem With Dragons execute heavily fuzzed-out, unrestricted music. A meaty stew compiled of equal parts Stoner Metal, Sludge, Punk, Doom, Grunge, and Heavy Metal, with a heavy dash of Prog Rock.”

Fede Palomba - PORTADA

Fede Palomba

Fede Palomba es un músico y compositor, multi instrumentista de Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires. En 2017 lanzó Supergermen y en 2020 Wachín Espacial.

Tamadre - PORTADA


“En la actualidad el mundo está complotando para que nos destruyamos los unos a los otros.
Ya nadie deja de estar INFECTO.