Of Spite

 Of Spite

Released their Sophomore Album “Riddle Redemption”

Finnish death metal band Of Spite has released their sophomore full length album “Riddle Redemption”. The themes of the album are madness and twisted reality. Of Spite was founded in Finnish city Kotka in 2014 and they combine elements of 90’s death metal and progressive rock in their sound.

The celebrate the album release the band has also released a music video to the track “Agonia”

Of Spite backgrounds the new album:

“Riddle Redemption is an intense seven tracks album. It’s an ode to the suffering of a human mind. The album represents both as thematic and music wise the twisted sense of reality and the suffering that it causes. On songwriting the concept highlights on non predictable changes in time signatures, rhythms and song parts. The overall sound and the progressive elements (or as we call: the artistic stumbling) it is hard to put Of Spite inside any narrow sub genre.

The drum tracks were recorded by Saku Moilanen (Deep Noise Studios) and he also mixed and mastered the album. Other instruments and vocals were recorded by the band themselves in their rehearsal room studio with no time limits.”

01. Aether (FI-EG5-22-00001)
02. Olen (FI-EG5-22-00002)
03. Sunila (FI-EG5-22-00003)
04. Senufo (FI-EG5-22-00004)
05. Bird of Prey (FI-EG5-22-00005)
06. Murderous (FI-EG5-22-00006)
07. Agonia (FI-EG5-22-00007)

Release date: March 31st 2023
Label: Inverse Records

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