Sheltered Sun (- PORTADA

Sheltered Sun


Sheltered Sun hails from Vaasa, Finland and was created to demonstrate a duality. The name was made as a personification of light and dark, comfort from the light, solace from the dark. These contrasts and abstracts define the band’s nature and thematics.

Choke Me (USA) - PORTADA

Choke Me

'Death Like A Sunset' (Grindcore, Hardcore, Fastcore, Hardcore Punk) Choke Me is a three-piece from Los Angeles that blends the high energy mayhem of hardcore punk with the chaotic onslaught of grindcore to create their unique blend of energy and ...

Arktotus - PORTADA



ARKTOTUS was created in 2006 by Cimeries as a one-man project. In early 2007 a full line-up was recruited. This is how the team formed their unique Melodic Black Death Metal style. In these 16 years, ARKTOTUS has shared the stage with a lot of bands in more than 1000 concerts.




Steering from societal carnage into heavier and more experimental sonic landscapes, whilst still staying true to their big power riff style, the band drop third single ‘Ceremonial Blood’ this March with an accompanying 10 date East Coast tour stopping in QLD, VIC, NSW, TAS and the ACT.

Pillaging Villagers (USA) - PORTADA

Pillaging Villagers


Merging the punk -influenced aggressiveness of crossover thrash with the Celtic melodies of folk metal, the ‘peasant metal’ of Pillaging Villagers takes the listener on a journey to a medieval world of pitchfork-wielding rebellion where songs of victory and sorrow alike are belted out with tankards raised high.




WARNING: LOW GEAR music taken in high doses may cause excessive movement and delusions of grandeur. Do Not Take With Milk. Alcohol may intensify your experience. WormHoleDeath Records is elated to announce the signing of LOW GEAR and the re-release of reimagined album Siktunes Redux on May 27th.


Sazzad Arefeen


Sazzad Arefeen is the Guitar player from Bangladesh of Ground-Force. He started developing his career since 1994, wrote songs and kept on teaching guitar with his own guitar instructions institutions which is the largest and strongest in Bangladesh called “Guitar Never Lies”




With an ‘In Your Face’ approach, Nomadic Narwhal is a Symphonic style Metal reminder of the Power and Mystique of our world’s Oceans. Nomadic’s debut track ‘Arrival’ in early 2022 signals music lovers who march to the beat of the water drum; that it’s time to celebrate the Sea… Even in Dayton, Ohio. Make Waves.

D.J. Highlanders

D.J. Highlanders


DJ. Highlanders remasterizó personalmente la canción de DAESU, dándole un alma más poderosa y abierta. La canción, muy apreciada especialmente en América del Norte y en la parte más oriental del continente asiático, forma parte del proyecto “Seoul” que recopila varias piezas instrumentales, entre ellas: “The Battle of Incheon”, “Empire of Seoul” y la canción “Seoul”, producida en tres versiones (original, radio y extendida). El proyecto “Seoul” es, en términos de aprecio y éxito del público, el segundo en orden de importancia, detrás del ya atemporal “Mai Another Mind”, pero en el corazón de D.J.