Lunarcode - PORTADA


Upbeat, eclectic rock band, Lunarcode has hit the scene with their dynamic, evolved sounds. Their message to the world is simple, it’s one of personal empowerment and authenticity. With 7 tracks already recorded from chart topping producers, and a collection of cinematic music videos, Lunarcode is sure to claim their space in the industry.




“The song “Breaking The Chains” came up quickly in our songwriting meetings between Luks, Rod and me, in a half lost guitar riff, with Luks creating a melody on the keyboard, me accompanying him on drums and Rod already solfeiting some random ideas. This is how one of the best tracks of this new phase of the band came up, a real Marenna classic, in my humble opinion, was created!”, added Arthur Schavinski.


DemonScar - PORTADA


DemonScar makes hard and heavy music—a rough ‘n’ ready blend of punk and metal, punctuated by a distinct Motörhead vibe and a healthy helping of horror. It’s raw. It’s loud. It’s punchy. Perhaps most importantly, it’s personal. No fancy overdubs. No autotune. No gimmicks. Just a straight-up hard-hitting New York rock/metal/punk conglomerate.


Aeon Of Awareness - PORTADA

Aeon Of Awareness

The new EP is called WAIRUA and contains five new songs including three older bonus tracks. In the world of the Tangata Whenua, the indigenous people of New Zealand, Wairua is described as the non-physical spirit of a person which exists beyond death. It represents the life essence of every human being.




The EP was recorded in Belo Horizonte MG at the Riff studio, mixing and mastering by the renowned Danish producer Tue Madsen, who has in his curriculum works with artists such as Rob Halford, Meshuggah, Vader, Sick Of It All, Behemoth, Dark Tranquility and Kataklysm . The first single from the EP, the track Burn Inside, had its video clip released on national network by the TV show Alto Falante in November 2020. The second video clip, Until Quando, was released in April 2021 by the same program.