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RECIPE OF HATE (Thrash/Death Metal)

Drowned is a Brazilian Thrash/Death Metal band based in Belo Horizonte, the same City of Sepultura, Sarcófago, Chakal, Mutilator and more.

The band was formed by Fernando Lima (vocals) in 1994, but just really started regular rehearsals in 1998. Rodrigo Nunes (bass), Beto Loureiro (drums), Oderus and Marcos Amorim (guitars) joined the band and released a demo-tape, “Where dark and Light Divide…”, in 1999. In 2000 Rafael Porto replaced Oderus and this is, incredibly, the same line-up today.

The first album was BONEGRINDER, in 2001, released by legend label Cogumelo Records and Drowned has never stopped. A new album is coming, RECIPE OF HATE, 8th of a two-decade career, including Greyhaze Records USA/EU distribution.

Drowned has a solid place in the Brazilian Metal Scene, with tons of concerts in Brazil and one European Tour.

RECIPE OF HATE is the new album of Drowned – release date programmed: March 25th, 2022, via Cogumelo Records (BRA)/Greyhaze Records (Exterior).

The new album is a back to the roots, the same line-up of the first releases. It’s a full-length with focus in the chaotic reality of Brazil and the World today. Emergent, aggressive, bluntly, no lost words…

Songs and Lyrics speak for themselves, and the sound is what you expect from the band. Politics, preachers, false philosophers, influencers, scientists, denialists, conspiracy theories, Environment, obscurantism, stupidity, scoundrel and more, nothing scapes.

The Recipe of Hate Drowned didn’t develop, but no one will stop the band to transform it in brutal music, as a Brazilian Metal knows how to do.

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