Dead Shaman

Dead Shaman

Dead Shaman stream new album ‘Under The Influence’

Sewing their roots deep in the late 60s proto heavy and dirty blues, the 3 madmen of Dead Shaman coming straight from the hidden mountains of Fuzzistan just love to add their special touch of rock’n’roll to their influences and deliver a fuzzy maelstrom infused with the weirdest sounds of the 60’s and the 70’s.

Dead Shaman stream new album 'Under The Influence'

In early 2020, the three-piece released their first full length album ‘OUT OF PHASE’, named in tribute to the great Peter Green and his legendary 1959 Les Paul sound. Combining an A-side made of five high energy numbers and a B-side composed by one long smokey Sunday morning jam, the LP will show you the full spectrum of a band who loves to take different directions.

Dirty heavy blues with a moonshine smell, protopunk or space-rock from the fifth dimension, their sound is what you need to enhance the flat taste of your beer and keep your skin firm and shiny.

Turn on, tune in, drop out !!!



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