DEATHROLL & Ancestral Blood

DEATHROLL & Ancestral Blood

DEATHROLL “False images of isolation and depravity” (Music Video) – Ancestral Blood “Sky Fortress of Wizardry” (Lyric Video)

DEATHROLL is a Japanese solo black metal project, singer, songwriter, musician, and black metal band. Once you listen, he would catch you like a black raptor.

Track taken from the band’s album “Forgotten Myths And Legends, Ch.1”, out via Wormholedeath.

Ancestral Blood music is described as Epic and Majestic Old World Black Metal which focuses on Ancient Myths and Legends.

For fans of 90s Underground Black Metal / Old releases by – Ishtar – Isvind – Arthemesia – Vordven – Trollheims Grott – Ringnevond – Summoning – Windir

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