Experience Virgin Black's

Experience Virgin Black’s

Ground-breaking “Requiem” trilogy

Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing musical journey as Virgin Black, the enigmatic Australian band, brings their coveted “Requiem” trilogy of albums to global streaming platforms for the very first time! Renowned for their unique blend of doom and symphonic metal, Virgin Black has ceaselessly fascinated their audience with rich compositions that fuse multiple genres, resulting in an unmistakable, hauntingly beautiful sound.

As the band’s label, Dark Escapes Music, we are thrilled to present these seminal albums to a worldwide audience. While previously these albums were available in physical formats or limited to certain territories, we are now giving fans around the globe access to the complete trilogy on all streaming platforms.

The already released “Requiem – Pianissimo” serves as a stunning introduction to the trilogy, exploring the depths of classical music with the expert collaboration of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and the Adelaide Stamford Academy Choir.

Pioneers in a time of rigid musical categorizations, Virgin Black’s history is a testament to bold innovation and unyielding creativity. Since the release of their debut album “Sombre Romantic” in 2000, the band has consistently pushed boundaries, creating compositions that artfully blend doom, classical, opera, gothic, and industrial elements into a harmonious stream of entrancing darkness.

The “Requiem” trilogy is another crowning achievement for Virgin Black. Composed as one cohesive requiem mass, the trilogy progresses from a purely orchestral beginning to a balanced blend of orchestra and band, concluding with a heavy, band-driven finale. Each album uniquely contributes to the tapestry of sound, embodying a mournful, heartrending tone that befits a “mass for the dead”. The involvement of multiple audio engineers, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and the Adelaide Stamford Academy Choir further elevates the grandeur and depth of these albums.

Experience Virgin Black's

This release presents an exciting opportunity for both long-time fans and new listeners to immerse themselves in Virgin Black’s groundbreaking music. We believe that these albums will serve as a testament to the band’s extraordinary versatility and talent, introducing a new generation of fans to their unique brand of darkness.

Get ready for a remarkable audio experience that transcends genres and transports you to the emotive world of Virgin Black. Their “Requiem” trilogy awaits your discovery!


Requiem – Pianissimo

Requiem Aeternum
Dies Irae
Until Death
Kyrie Eleison
Libera Eis Domine
Lacrimosa (I Tread Alone)
Pie Jesu

Requiem – Mezzo Forte

Requiem, Kyrie
In Death
Midnight’s Hymn
…and I Am Suffering
Lacrimosa (I Am Blind With Weeping)
Rest Eternal

Requiem – Fortissimo

The Fragile Breath
In Winter’s Ash
God in Dust
Lacrimosa (Gather Me)


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