Sarah Halster - 'A Clockwork Destiny' (Modern Metal)

Sarah Halster

‘A Clockwork Destiny’ (Modern Metal)

Sarah Halter broke into the Pittsburgh music scene in 2015, followed soon after with the release of the solo acoustic EP Little Grave Digger, and the formation of progressive/alternative metal band Blue Clutch with Sarah as the primary songwriting force. Blue Clutch released one album, Silent Oblivion, in 2018. Following the disbanding of Blue Clutch in early 2021, Sarah began producing and recording a new two track single, A Clockwork Destiny, the latest in a discography trending heavier with each project.

A DIY approach to recording A Clockwork Destiny has given Sarah more creative freedom than ever before. Aside from featuring drummer Daniel Stephens (agent57music), who Sarah met on TikTok in early 2021, the rest of the music is written, arranged, and performed by Sarah. Aiming for a modern metal sound, Sarah teamed up with Matt Very of Very Tight Recordings for mixing and mastering. 

Drawing influence from progressive, alternative, symphonic, and death metal, Sarah Halter brings listeners a single with a fresh approach to dark songwriting inspired by apocalyptic themes, regret, and fleeting memories.

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