“Unbelievable Anal Transfiguration Caused by the Fecal Astronomical Aporkalypse”

Vomitation, is a trio of Splatter Death Metal formed in the city of Itapetininga / SP, has just released its first music video, from the single “Unbelievable Anal Transfiguration Caused by Astronomic Fecal Aporkalypse. The video was directed and produced by Wanderson XTudo (@xtudoobze), at the Studio Preset Pub in São Paulo and draws attention for its brutality and special effects. “Unbelievable Anal Transfiguration Caused by Astronomic Fecal Aporkalypse” will be part of the band’s debut album, “Sarcastic Pigs Letting Anus Totally Transfigured, Exteriorized & Ripped, which will be released in early March in digipack (CD) format and distributed on major streaming platforms.
According to guitarist Márcio Manteiga, “it was a fun experience! Until then, we had recorded only rehearsals in the studio, simpler things, so to speak. Recording an official clip brings a little more responsibility, because it is the image of the band that is there. The result was within expectations, Wanderson Xtudo (producer) proved to be very professional, in addition to being a very thin guy who also liked to make this trip for us! 


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