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«DOWN AND DEAD» NEW SINGLE available NOW on all streaming platforms!

Everything is energy, a cycle. The cycle repeats until you get it right and then a new one begins.
A perpetual spiral of you.
As we embark on releasing our 3rd body of work, Portals, we have expanded as a band.

We welcome our 3rd member, Justin Perez on the drums.
The message is the same, told with new wisdom and perspective, maturation and acceptance.

There was a franticness in our previous work, an urgency to forewarn of a future not yet understood.
Now we all find ourselves in a state of no security for the whole world but instead of approaching it in the old patterns of franticness, there is an unshaken stillness.

We aren’t saints. We aren’t prophets.
We are simply emphatic people with an ear to the whispers of the future. When the waves of messages come, we put it into songs and let the spirits guide us.

We stand for strength, grounding, magic, becoming, expansion; opening the doors to your own portals.
We are Modern Mimes.

Modern Mimes

Is an alternative rock 3 piece band consisting of Adi Elcida Hernandez on vocals, Ernesto Paez on guitar and bass, and Justin Perez on drums.

Their creation can be best described as «future goth.» A term they coined to explain their fusion of soaring guitars, powerfully haunting vocals, industrial electronics, subconscious evocative lyrics, hard hitting percussion, and catchy pop sensibilities.

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